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Employment and Labour

  • Legal advice on all areas of labour and employment law;
  • Managing executive disputes and dismissals including separation/termination agreements;
  • Restraint of trade and confidentiality disputes and litigation including drafting of restraint of trade and confidentiality agreements;
  • Discrimination law and disputes including equal pay for work of equal value and sexual harassment;
  • Legal representation at CCMA, Bargaining Councils and Labour Court;
  • Chairing disciplinary enquiries as well as prosecuting on behalf of the employer and representation of employees (when permitted) in internal grievance and/or disciplinary enquiries / incapacity enquiries (medical / poor work performance / compatibility ,ect)
  • Drafting of codes and policies and procedures manuals;
  • Assist with the induction and training of staff;
  • Consulting services on all aspects of IR;
  • Retrenchments including mass retrenchments;
  • The complexities of employment transfers in the context of s 197 and s 197A of the LRA, restructuring, mergers and organisational development;
  • Strikes, lock-outs and picketing;
  • Drafting of contract of employment (Indefinite, fix term and part-time);
  • All aspects of unfair dismissal disputes and unfair labour practice litigation;
  • Compliance with Employment Equity requirements including formulation and implementation of Employment Equity Plans;
  • Due diligence investigations in terms of section 197 (Transfers of businesses);
  • Collective bargaining, including applications of unions for Organisational Rights (s21 of LRA), drafting recognition and other collective agreements;
  • Interpretation of labour and allied statutes and regulations.

Human Resources and HR Capacity Building

  • Draft / preparation of various human resource related policies and documents (e.g. leave, absenteeism, attendance, loan, deductions, overtime, maternity leave, sexual harassment, internet-and email, alcohol & drug testing, ect);
  • Provide various human resource related documents and forms (e.g. letter of appointment, resignation, exit interviews, leave application, voluntary retrenchment agreement, retrenchment termination letter, employee personal details, ect;
  • Drafting of job descriptions;
  • Grievance procedures and forms;
  • Recruitment and Interview forms, procedures and guidelines;
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management (Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations (OHSA) and Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (COIDA);
  • Verifying of employees/applicants details (e.g. Identity, Credit Bureau report, Criminal record search, tertiary academic, qualifications and previous employment history check);
  • Employee benefits and compensation;
  • Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI) in the workplace and employee privacy;
  • Performance management and evaluation including performance reviews;
  • Workforce Integrity Solutions: Pre-Employment screening of job applicants re criminal-and credit report checks including other pre-employment screening services by using the most advanced technology systems (accredited and licenced AFISwitch user);
  • Provide display posters (wall charts) in terms of the BCEA, EEA, OHSA and LRA as required by law;

Legal and Business

  • Business Rescue proceedings in terms of the Company Act
  • Formulations of Trusts (family- and business trusts);
  • Registration of Companies including amendments to company registration documents;
  • Company/Director and Deed Office searches;
  • Administration of Estates;
  • Draft of Wills;
  • Clearing of ITC / Credit Reports;
  • Drafting of various commercial contracts (e.g. lease agreements, partnership agreements, joint venture agreements, shareholders agreements, association agreements, by-and sell agreements, independent contractors agreements, building agreements, ect.)
  • Contracts on-line: Various commercial and labour law contracts and legal documentation available on-line.


Training workshops and on-the-job-training, presented in a practical and informative fashion on relevant subjects related to labour and employment law/HR.

Training workshops are developed to equip participants with practical knowledge and skills which they can utilize with immediate effect in their respective work places.

Training and workshops for employers, managers, supervisors and IR/HR personnel pertaining to disciplinary/incapacity hearings, day-to-day labour related issues, how to win a case at the CCMA, managing of absenteeism, etc.

(Note: Company’s can claim the costs to attend workshops from their 20% Mandatory Skills Development Grant).